Home Equity

‘Home Equity’

Home equity refers to the present value of the property. It operates as a line of credit that will aid you to repay your loans such as a car loan, home loan and so on. The interest rates are comparatively low in ‘Home equity’ when compare to the credit card rates. It is a good way to fulfill large cost of living associated with home improvement, college, or any other major expense. This kind of a loan will be easy to qualify other than loans.

Fixed rate: These loans carry a fixed rate of interest that is usually lower than credit cards or other loans. A fixed rate of loan helps a person in fixing a budget since the monthly payment amount will remain the same over the lifetime.

Lump Sum:

With a home equity loan, you get the amount in one lump sum. This helps the borrower cover large expenses immediately. One has to repay the loan with regular monthly payments within a fixed amount of time.

Lines of Credit:

A home-equity line of credit or HELOC is a changeable rate loan that works like a credit card. The borrowers are pre-approved to spend money until a specific limit. They have the liberty to withdraw money via a credit card or a special cheque when they feel the need for money. The monthly payments are entirely based on the amount of money borrowed. Sometimes it also varies with the current rate of interest. Just like fixed-rate loans, even the HELOC has a set term. When the borrower reaches the end of the term, the remaining loan amount is paid in full.

Tax Deduction

The option of the tax deduction is available for the rate of interest on the home equity loan if only the loan is to be used for house renovations. If you believe that you can be a responsible borrower, and you have a steady, fixed income, then a home equity loan is surely a great option for you. When you analyze your loan options, you will realize that home equity loans are sometimes used conversely with HELOCs.

Since both the loans offer you flexibility, with a HELOC, you get approval for a major amount of loan. A HELOC has a changeable rate of interest, which means your monthly payment can increase or decrease according to the rate index.


A home-equity loan is an easy source of cash. The rate of interest on a home-equity loan is generally higher than that the first mortgage but lower on credit cards and other types of loans. The sole reason, why consumers borrow against the value of their homes through a fixed-rate home-equity loan is that they want to pay off their credit card balances, as per a research. By stabilizing your debt with a home-equity loan, consumers will get a single payment in a lower interest rate.

The right way to use a home equity loan.

For responsible borrowers, home-equity loans can be a valuable tool. If you have a steady and a reliable source of income, and you know you will be able to repay the loan smoothly every month, then its low rate of interest makes it a good alternative.

The home-equity loans with a fixed amount can help you cover the cost of a dynamic, single purchase. This purchase can be a new house or an unexpected medical bill. Thus, home equity loan provides a convenient way to cover short-term, recurring costs, such as the quarterly tuition for a four-year degree at a college or university.

Everybody dreams to fulfill the basic necessities of life and owning a house is one of those basic necessities. Of course, you cannot give a huge amount of money in one go. You need to take huge loans. It is important to make sure that you keep away the pitfalls. It is crucial that you conduct a careful analysis of your financial situation before you actually ahead and take a loan. Be well-versed with the terms and conditions and make all the payments on time.