Hidden Benefits Of Your Home Equity That You May Not Have Known

Hidden Benefits Of Your Home Equity That You May Not Have Known

Home Equity is that value of your home that is not covered by a mortgage and is of your own. Thus the market value of your home less the value of your mortgage is your home equity. Any homeowner in Canada is required to have at least 20% of home equity. It means you cannot have a mortgage of more than 80% of your property price when you purchase it. As you keep paying your mortgage installments, your home equity increases. One is the benefits that your home equity offers is that it can be used to avail a home equity loan. Also, as the market price of your home increases, irrespective of your mortgage installment payment, you can avail a home equity loan on the increased value of your home while maintaining the 80:20 ratio of mortgage and home equity respectively.

When Can You Utilise Your Home Equity

Home Equity Loans are also known as second mortgages, as apart from your primary mortgage, you can also avail the second mortgage. In order to be able to avail a home equity loan, you are required to qualify for one. You need a good credit score to easily be eligible for an additional loan on your existing mortgage. You should check your equity, that is, it should either be enhanced by the increased market price of your property or you should have made enough mortgage payments. Above all, you must also keep your personal debt under your checklist while you opt for a home equity loan as you could also lose your home in case of any default in your home equity loan repayment.

Benefits That Home Equity Loans Offer

The following are the benefits you could get while opting for a home equity loan

-Reduced Interest Rates

If the rates fall, while at the same time your home equity rises, it’s the perfect time to opt for a home equity loan since it would substitute your original mortgage at a lower rate.

-Credit Rating

You can also qualify for a home equity loan if you have an average credit score. It provides security to the lenders, as they have a fixed collateral.

-Higher Amounts Of Loan

It is most useful at the times of immediate requirement of finance as homes bear a high value. Medical emergencies or higher education expenses can be covered under this loan.

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